Koko Flanel


1. Almost Hundred
2. Salsa In The Snow
3. Walk For Aphrodite
4. Caravan On The Run
5. Red Ribbon Waltz
6. Driving Dreams (Main Theme)
7. Man In The Sarcophagus
8. Baroque (for Placide and Two Chickens)
9. Love In Backlight (Main Theme)
10. The Safe
11. The Complot I
12. The Complet II
13. On His Own
14. The Surprise For Sarah
15. Dressed For China
16. Main Theme For Koko Flanel
17. Get It Together - Viktor Lazlo
18. She Likes Double Trouble - Mystery
19. Sarah's Theme - Francis Goya
20. Het Verhaal
(met de stemmen van: Urbanus, Bea Van Der Maat, Koen Crucke, Jan Declair, Herbert Flack, Fred Van Kuyk, Ann Petersen en Harry Van Hest)